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Chris Gardner hails from Agua Dulce, CA, which is a rural area in Los Angeles County. He refers to it as horse and dirt bike country, as him, as well as many members of his neighborhood rode dirt bikes, horses, or both. Always an oddball, Chris tended to be the “funny” kid wherever he went. The thing is it was never conscious. He rarely set out to be funny or entertain. He would simply share his honest feelings and observations toward things and people found it hysterical! Chris Gardner first tried standup when a friend of his knew of an open mic and said he should try it. Chris, being the daredevil that he is figured “why not?” He’s been hitting stages around the country since that night. His absured, laid back, irreverent subject matter, and style of comedy is a grand o’l time for all!



Phone: (323) 558-8912